The LINLEY CAPITAL team has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and operations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America. The team shares a commitment to the reduction of investment risk and the increase of investor returns. It does this through extensive and meticulous macro-economic analysis, industry due diligence, detailed financial analysis, a rational valuation approach and a sensible use of leverage.

One of LINLEY CAPITAL’s core investment principles is to diversify risk by investing in a broad range of industries, sectors and regions and by working with experienced experts in each of these fields. For this reason, LINLEY CAPITAL’s board of advisors includes some of the world’s most experienced management, operating and finance executives from a wide variety of industries.
LINLEY CAPITAL increases its investment returns with an emphasis on improving operations, on funding growth and on valuation arbitrage through strategically planned exits. LINLEY CAPITAL believes in teamwork and in building long-term relationships through the fair and ethical treatment of its business partners and portfolio company employees.

Partnership with Management

Throughout the investment process, LINLEY CAPITAL’s team will work closely with the target’s management team to provide support in strategy, enterprise risk management, operating improvements, corporate finance, talent management and by supporting the company with growth capital. Our operating advisors are actively involved in pre-closing due diligence and in working with the target’s management team on identifying opportunities for improvements in business strategy, finance and operations, as well as on the development of the target’s long-term growth plan.

While ensuring strategic consensus, LINLEY CAPITAL encourages management’s operational freedom and independence. LINLEY CAPITAL also provides management with equity incentives to ensure a strong alliance and investment partnership. Also, in each investment or acquisition LINLEY CAPITAL always anticipates the requirement of additional funds for investments in product development, operating improvements, sales and marketing personnel, growth capital expenditures and for add-on acquisitions.